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About the Summit Staff Position

Are you interested in being part of a team that creates a transformative experience for Latina/o youth? Looking for an opportunity to develop or enhance your own leadership skills? If so, consider applying for a Líderes Summit staff position! Every year, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) reaffirms its commitment to Latino youth and their development by hosting the Líderes Summit.


Every summer, the NCLR Líderes Summit brings together hundreds of youth from high school and college groups, NCLR Líderes educational programs, and NCLR Affiliates to support the academic growth and leadership development of Latino youth ages 14–23.


The Líderes Summit provides an exciting and challenging youth leadership experience over four days, focusing in areas such as professional development, civic engagement, and networking opportunities. Líderes youth also enjoy the overall NCLR Annual Conference experience by participating in cutting-edge workshops, town halls, as well as hearing and interacting with national leaders who are impacting and shaping our community every day. We invite you to join us July 8–11 in Phoenix, Arizona, to be part of the discussion.


In addition, the Líderes Initiative selects a group of young leaders ages 18–24 to participate in its intensive Líderes Summit Staff Program. The two-part program initially provides participants with training in the areas of event planning, leadership, communication skills, professional development, and team-building. After the two-day training, Summit Staff help execute all Líderes Summit activities. Under the direction of the Líderes Manager and the NCLR team, Summit Staff share in the overall implementation of the event, working independently and in teams.



  • Must be a Latino or Latina youth, or NCLR Affiliate program participant age 18–24.
  • Must be an effective interpersonal communicator and creative person who works well in a team setting.
  • Must have strong logistical, planning, communication, and organizational skills.
  • Prior experience with youth development, training, and leadership development preferred.
  • Must be responsible, personable, and passionate about working with youth.
  • Must be able to initiate dialogue and draw young people into inclusive conversations and activities.
  • Must be available during the entire work period (July 5–July 11, 2017, including 1–2 online trainings and/or team calls prior to the Líderes Summit).


    Summit Staff work independently and in groups on various aspects of the event. Prior to the start of the Líderes Summit, staff members participate in an events management training onsite in Phoenix, Arizona—in addition to one or two online trainings and/or team calls in May and June 2017. Staff duties include:

    • Supporting all logistics for the Líderes events.
    • Serving as liaisons to guest speakers and sponsors.
    • Guest relations duties for Líderes Summit participants during NCLR Annual Conference events.
    • Presenting, facilitating, or fulfilling speaking roles during workshops and/or small groups.
    • Monitoring workshops.
    • Collecting evaluations and participant feedback.
    • Staffing youth networking receptions.
    • Participating in media training, sponsor liaison training, and professional etiquette training.
    • Assisting chaperones in ensuring the physical and emotional safety of all participants.
    • All other administrative tasks, as needed.


    Serving as Summit Staff requires a full commitment from all staff members. The large number of activities during the relatively short duration of the Summit requires staff members to work long hours. Due to the nature of the work and the extended exposure to young people, staff must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and abstain from alcohol consumption during the length of the Líderes Summit program.



    • April 17: Call for Summit Staff application is open
    • May 4: Application Deadline (Must be submitted by 5:30 p.m. EST)
    • May 15-19: Phone Interviews (Please keep these dates relatively open in your schedule IF selected for a phone interview. Interviews will range from 10 a.m.–6:30 p.m. EST)
    • May 24: Acceptance notifications will be delivered


    Application Instructions: new APPLICANTS  

    Please submit the following materials no later than 5:30 p.m. on May 4. You will receive an email confirmation upon completion and proper submission of your application. 

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    The bio must also list your full name, hometown, and home

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    Why are you interested in applying for a Summit Staff position?


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      Please describe your relevant experience in event operations,

      team work, and leadership for this position.


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        Please describe your experience in community service, or civic

        participation especially within the Latino community.


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          How will you contribute to the team unity of the Summit Staff
          and to the success of Summit events?


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          What would you like to gain from the experience?


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           Please describe any skills, hobbies, or personal talents that

          could benefit the Summit.



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          What were the challenges and highlights that you experienced

          while serving on the team? 


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          Do you have new ideas for the Summit?  If so, what are they? 


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          How will you contribute to the unity of the Summit Staff team and

          to the success of Summit events as a veteran staff member?


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          How will you contribute to Summit outreach and growth of the

          Líderes Network throughout the year?


          * (250 words)

          List two or three skills or personal talents that would benefit the Summit

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